Beau Park
Beau Park
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 17
Occupation Student
First Appearance Chapter 1

Beau Park is one of the students at Jin Seon's school. Despite being bullied himself, he also bullies Jin.




Beau is mostly seen as a bit of a coward towards his bullies at first. However, he actually holds quite a grudge towards them and often takes it out on Jin since the latter weaker than him. He also seems to have picked up on his bullies' violent ways as seen when he brutally beat Jin to near death just because the latter took his wallet.[1]


Chapter 1 Edit

Beau beating on Jin

Beau striking Jin

Beau was first seen in the series when he and the bullies were discussing the topic of women disappearing in their area. The others teased on how the captor must've had fun with the women after they disappeared, he tried to clarify this by saying there were no signs of rape, but ended up getting a kick to his abdomen for being a smart-ass. He was then passing by Jin with Pann Han and Manny Kim, but he spotted Jin and suddenly whacked him in the head, telling him to watch out and calling him a "Glass-eye emo freak" before leaving.

Beau getting harassed

Beau being harassed about his wallet (Ch. 1 Pg. 46)

He was later seen getting harassed by Pann and Manny, with Pann in particular demanding him about his wallet. He tried defending himself and told Pann he swore he had it on him, but ended up being struck in the face, falling backwards and having to crawl around to find his glasses.


Beau Park's fighting ability is the lowest among the three bullies. He was defeated by Jin Seon who was weaker, but much more merciless than him.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • There are possibilities that Beau could have certain mental issues that stem from his bullying, which are sometimes seen throughout the times he's encountered Jin.


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