Chapter 34
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Chapter 34
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Korean 27th February, 2015
English 1st February, 2016
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Chapter 34: The story begins with Jin Seon arriving at the convenience store where Kyun Yoon works, where he begs her to allow him to stay at his house, after having run away from home. She reacts to Jin's proposal by slapping him in the face. After, she refuses Jin's proposal, by saying that "unexpected things" might happen if they stay together in the house. Kyun proceeds to ask Jin to go stay at Manny's house. Jin reacts to that statement by looking depressed, where Kyun feels sorry for him. Jin asks Kyun if he can sleep on the couch, presuming that he can stay at her house. Kyun reacts to this by telling him that she has no living room. This gives Jin the realisation of the consequences of running away from his father.

The scene changes to an unknown location, where the blonde girl who was kidnapped is seen tied to a chair. Then an unknown figure appears, touches her face, before proceeding to hit her with a hammer.

Afterwards, the scene re-focuses to the convenience store, where Kyun allows Jin to stay at her house. She goes to borrow a co-worker's umbrella to go home, as it is raining outside. Kyun tells Jin that her co-worker, who's name is Faye Kim, is very nice, and would allow her to borrow the umbrella.

The scene changes back to the unknown location, where the unknown person repeatedly hits the blonde girl in the face, who is presumably dead, as evident in her mutilated face.

The chapter ends by going to Kyun, who says the umbrella is missing, while the unknown person reveals herself to be Faye Kim.