Chapter 45
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Chapter 45
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Korean 15th May, 2015
English 18th April, 2016
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Chapter 45: The van driver that crashed into Manny's dad's car moves to push the van over the edge. Down below, in the wreckage, a bloodied Manny realises the situation he is in and screams after looking at his crushed legs. Noting blood coming from the front of the car, Manny frantically calls out to his mother, father and sister to no avail. Just then, the van that hit them loudly crashes down beside him, colliding with a nearby tree. Manny looks up and sees a shady looking figure staring down at him. He screams out to the man to call an ambulance but looks visibly shocked when he notices the man subtly laughing instead. At that, Manny passes out.

He awakes to the sound of paramedics and, whilst still in a heavily groggy state, listens as they try to rescue the three others in the car but can't due to the vehicle exploding, an event he personally witnesses.
At some point later, he momentarily awakens in the operating theatre before passing out again.

Manny Kim then wakes up, confused, in a hospital and wonders on the condition of his family. Removing the bed sheet, he witnesses his amputated legs in horror...