Chapter 46
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Chapter 46
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Korean 22nd May, 2015
English 25th April, 2016
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Chapter 46: The students in the high school gossip about the rumour of Manny Kim getting in an accident. Just then Pann Han walks in causing them to stop talking. Briefly glaring at them, he turns and leaves with the one of the students mentioning that Pann Han wasn't one of Manny's friends but rather the latter's bitch. Another then notes that people like him have no loyalty.

An aide of the family discloses the situation of Manny's father's company to Manny and then goes to leave after receiving no reply from the boy. Before the aide could leave, Manny asks if any friends or relatives had wanted to contact to him and the aide replies that he wasn't sure before finally leaving. Manny muses that his parents were dead and thinks that he must be dreaming as he gazes down at his amputated legs. Convincing himself he was dreaming and by waking up again it would all be back to normal, Manny fell asleep.
When Manny woke up he saw Beau Park enter his room sniggering. With Manny getting riled up, Beau mentions that he was really fucked now. At that, all of Manny's former acquaintances suddenly appeared in his room sniggering. Manny asked them what they wanted and they taunted his currently disabled state as their sniggering got louder. Manny told them to screw off, causing them all to flick out switch-blades and then attack him, stabbing him multiple times.

Waking up in a cold sweat and shaking from the nightmare, Manny suddenly started laughing and reassured himself that none of them would ever do that to him because he was still Manny Kim. Just then, his phone begins buzzing on the table beside his bed and Manny eagerly dives over to get it but, forgetting the condition of his legs, he falls off the bed in a heap. Cursing his condition and the fact no-one would come to visit him, the door to his room suddenly opens and Jin Seon stands in the doorway. Jin casually asks if Manny was cleaning the floor, eliciting a sharp response from him, but Jin then adds that they weren't at school. With Jin's words hitting him, Manny turns away and sheds tears as he acknowledged that they weren't at school.