Chapter 47
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Chapter 47
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Korean 29th May, 2015
English 2nd May, 2016
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Chapter 47: During the events prior to previous chapter, the teacher calls out the register in class but pauses when he gets to Manny Kim's name. Later in the school toilets, Jin silently overhears some lads talking about Manny Kim's accident and subsequent injuries.

On the roof of the hospital, Jin stands besides Manny. The latter asks if Kyun Yoon knew and Jin replies that she didn't. Manny then asked why he came and Jin bluntly replies that it was because Manny was injured. Manny questions Jin's true intentions but Jin interrupts with a question of his own, asking how Manny got injured. Manny replied revealing the details behind the incident as told by the authorities before finishing by saying he was done for, having lost his legs, parents, his sister being in a critical condition and fake greedy people surrounding him. Jin stays silent so Manny mentions that his parents had passed away and asks Jin to say something. In an extremely blasé manner, Jin merely replies that he envies Manny, eliciting an irate from the latter. With Manny angrily asking what he just said and grabbing him by the collar, Jin replies again that he was envious causing Manny to try to strike Jin only to fall to the ground due to his lack of legs. Cursing Jin's attitude in tears, Jin sheepishly turns away while quietly apologising.

A little later, Manny quietly asks Jin to keep his "ugly side" a secret. Jin then climbs up on to the roof ledge, alarming Manny, and tells Manny to keep a secret too. Turning to face Manny, Jin tells him that he was envious because Manny could shed tears for his parents. He then goes on to say that the roof ledge he is standing on is where the "devil" threw him off, before menacingly reiterating that Manny had to keep a secret otherwise he would die. With Manny visibly unnerved, Jin then reveals that his father was a murderer.