Chapter 48
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Chapter 48
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Korean 12th June, 2015
English 9th May, 2016
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Chapter 48: Jin tells Manny that his father was a murderer but Manny misunderstands him and reveals that his own father had also been a "murderer" due to the cut-throat decisions he had made as the executive of his company, but thankfully changed after a series of incidents. Jin then points out Manny was misunderstanding and that his father was an actual cold-blooded killer who killed girls. With Manny visibly unnerved he mentions it was hard to believe before asking if the disappearance of the girls was Jin's dad's fault to which agrees it was probably true. Manny then repeats back everything unbelievable Jin had revealed to him and suddenly begins laughing, but Jin says that it wasn't a joke before saying he didn't know what to do. Manny states the obvious and says to report him but Jin replies it wasn't so simple. Manny then understands why Jin wanted to get stronger so badly and why Jin said he was "envious" of him before wheeling himself off and telling Jin he would inform the detective about the situation. Jin pleads with him not to go to the authorities but Manny replies that he couldn't hide it forever and asks whether he should leave Kyun alone. Jin says she was okay since she was at work causing Manny to ask if there was something Jin wasn't telling him. With guiltiness permeating Jin, he tells Manny he would deal with the situation and pleads for Manny to keep it a secret or his dad would kill him.

Later on, Jin brings Manny to his parents' funeral site to pay their respects which the latter thanks him for, adding that he would keep Jin's secret. He then tells Jin to go and keep Kyun safe and, after paying his respects, Jin leaves only to bump into the last person he wanted to see...