Chapter 51
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Chapter 51
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Korean 3rd July, 2015
English 30th May, 2016
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Chapter 51: Jin and Kyun playfully converse in the quiet convenience store when suddenly the lights go out. Kyun begins to panic but Jin casually discerns that the lights going out was local to the convenience store an extremely nonchalant manner, which Kyun picks up on. Jin says they need to look for the circuit breaker and Kyun asks him if he knows how to fix it, but he doesn't. Kyun uses her phone light to go and look for the circuit breaker and Jin says he'll look for a proper flashlight. As he goes around to look, he bumps his knee and Kyun tells him to be careful before going.

Searching, he knocks over the bin. Hearing a noise in the back room, Jin dismisses and quietly says she should be careful before returning to look for a flashlight. He sees a scrunched up gift voucher and asks Kyun aloud why she threw it away. Hearing no reply, he then asks if she found a flashlight before asking if she was actually hurt. Still hearing no reply, Jin begins to panic and rushes into the back room to find her not there. Remembering his father's words, he frantically searches for Kyun and then rings her phone. Standing silently for it to ring, he hears a buzzing sound coming from nearby...