Chapter 52
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Chapter 52
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Korean 10th July, 2015
English 6th June, 2016
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Chapter 52: Earlier on, before the events of the previous chapter, Miss Kim has a flashback regarding Kyun Yoon before staring into the convenience store and wondering if Jin was the knight in shining armour that Dongsoo Seon has spoken about. She then maniacally thinks about how Dongsoo was the worst of them all and resolves to kill both Kyun and Jin.

In the present, Jin rings Kyun's phone in desperation until he hears it coming from inside a nearby shack. Just then, Jin hears a voice behind him and sees Miss Kim's reflection in the window, enabling him to quickly avoid being smashed by her hammer. However, she soon knocks him out and drags him away.

Jin soon regains consciousness to see Miss Kim leering from above him. Miss Kim makes small talk until Jin realises Kyun lying unconscious on the other side of the room. Picking up on this, Miss Kim details knocking her out and admits that Kyun is quite cute, before asking if Jin agreed. Getting no response, Miss Kim begins to strip Kyun and asks if he'd react differently as a result, with Jin giving a dead response in reply...