Chapter 54
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Chapter 54
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Korean 24th July, 2015
English 20th June, 2016
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Chapter 54: Cursing at Jin, Miss Kim resolves to just kill him anyway. Elsewhere, in the hospital, Manny recounts that someone else was present at the scene. The detective confirms his suspicions as he reveals that someone had put a spark plug in their car, intentionally wanting to blow the vehicle up. Asking if there was anyone who had a grudge against his family, Manny looks down in dismay before replying that there were lots of people who did.

Later, on the hospital rooftop, with something feeling off, Manny tries to call Jin but can't get through. Meanwhile, Miss Kim irritatedly makes her way back to the murder shack. Going inside, she tells Jin that their earlier deal was cancelled eliciting a more normal response from him. Having realised Jin's bluff, Miss Kim heads over to Kyun's unconscious body and hefts her up by her hair whilst detailing how Jin had failed in his plans to save her life. As Miss Kim bitterly berates Kyun's life as she readies to smash her face in, she suddenly turns around to see Jin standing behind her with a dead look in his eye.

Jin attacks but is matched in strength by Miss Kim. She lunges at him with her hammer, but he evades her strike before the two get in a clench. Jin then savagely bites into her hammer-wielding arm causing her to drop it. As Miss Kim stumbles backwards, mumbling that she had tied him up tightly, Jin punches her in the nose and replies with a devious grin that she didn't search him properly. Jin then proceeds to crack her in the face with another punch.