Chapter 55
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Chapter 55
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Korean 31st July, 2015
English 27th June, 2016
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Chapter 55: After flooring her with his second punch, Jin grabs the hammer and sits on top of her with the hammer poised to strike. Miss Kim, horrified at what was occurring, wonders what Jin really was and asks if he was going to hit her. Jin coldly replies that she did the same earlier but Miss Kim tries to make out she was playing around. Jin says he'll play around too and readies to strike her, but Miss Kim frantically mentions that he'll become a murderer if he goes through with it. Jin coldly replies that he doesn't care, adding that she was to blame for the other two murders.

Just then, Kyun stirs and groggily shakes her head at Jin to stop. Miss Kim then pipes up and tries to play it off as a joke, but Jin menacingly tells her to shut up. Miss Kim tells him that a human will die if they get him by a hammer, but Jin scathingly replies that she wasn't "human" and hisses they were all the same, sickening. As Jin once more prepares to strike Miss Kim down, Kyun worriedly mumbles but Jin tells Kyun to wait a little longer as he would punish the woman that tried to harm her. However Kyun begins glaring at Jin and, although he could not audibly hear her voice, he could feel her glare telling him to relax and put the hammer down. Frustrated, Jin brought the hammer crashing down...

With the hammer cracking the ground beside Miss Kim's head and the murderous woman passing out as a result, a muffled Kyun sighs in relief. Later, with Miss Kim bound, a forlorn Jin asks if Kyun was alright and she says she was. Kyun then tells Jin that while he was weak, he wasn't a bad person. Jin, guilt plastering his face, hangs his head and agrees with her.