Chapter 57
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Chapter 57
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Korean 14th August, 2015
English 11th July, 2016
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Chapter 57: In her prison cell Miss Kim realises her life was now over and contemplates her decisions for murdering others. Her mind then drifts to Dongsoo and Jin Seon, wondering what they were...

In questioning, the detective mentions to Dongsoo that the suspect left a message for him. Dongsoo aptly feigns nervous innocence and the detective assures him there was nothing to be nervous about. The detective then asks if he and Miss Kim were acquainted and Dongsoo confirms they were as she worked at a convenience store he frequented. The detective then asks Dongsoo a string of questions relating to things Miss Kim said Dongsoo had said and done, but Dongsoo innocently denies them. The detective then asks why Dongsoo didn't inform the police the moment he knew Miss Kim was a murderer and Dongsoo confesses that he was scared for his and his son's lives, before breaking down as he reveals the 'reasons' for his actions. The detective tells Dongsoo to calm down and to inform the police next time. Underneath his hands, Dongsoo momentarily smiles deviously before raising his head and apologising. The two then chatter a little more before the detective mentions one more thing: Miss Kim had said Dongsoo held special feelings towards Kyun Yoon. Dongsoo looks at the detective utterly confused, adding that Kyun was his son's first love. With that the detective says they'd skip past it...

Leaving the police station, Dongsoo looks into the sky before lighting up a cigarette whilst monologuing that the police would always believe his words over Miss Kim's, adding that this was why people should be honest. Seeing an elderly lady struggling with her shopping across the street, Dongsoo stubs his cigarette before going over to lend her a hand. The elderly lady mentions he was a very nice person and he casually brushes it off.