Chapter 58
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Chapter 58
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Korean 21st August, 2015
English 18th July, 2016
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Chapter 58: In his hospital room, Manny is playing Tekken on his phone when Kyun and Jin suddenly come in. Kyun immediately comes over and gives him a hug with both Manny and Jin smiling. Kyun then says Manny had been punished for all the bad things he had done and Manny jokingly asks how she could say that to him after he had lost his legs. With Kyun's bust rubbing against his elbow, Manny muses for a moment before telling Kyun she was a B-cup, much to her chagrin. Jin smiles contently as Kyun hit Manny for his observations.

In an outside school assembly, the principal drones on while Kyun and Jin share a brief awkward gaze. The students then all get notifications on their phone about a student playing a large role in the take down of a serial killer. With all the commotion going on, the principal gets the teachers to confiscate their phones. He then discusses about the recent serial killer incident and notes that he was proud that a student from the school had played a huge role in catching the culprit. The students murmur about the rumours surrounding the mystery student while the principal adds that the head of the local police station was so impressed by the student's quick thinking that he came in person to present him with a token of recognition. The principal then tells Jin Seon to come forward. As numerous students look on incredulously and some question who Jin Seon is, Jin sheepishly plods to the stands.

The head of police, Hyunsoo Park, praises Jin for his efforts and gifts him with a reward. A visibly uncomfortable Jin looks at the silent crowd when suddenly everyone hears clapping coming from the school entrance with everyone turning to see they had come from a grinning Manny Kim. Kyun joins in and soon, everyone was applauding Jin for his efforts. Seeing the scene, Jin bows.