Chapter 59
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Chapter 59
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Korean 28th August, 2015
English 25th July, 2016
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Chapter 59: In the school, students chat as they see Manny and Jin hanging together. As Manny smokes a cigarette, Jin asks if it was alright for him to be doing so when he was still recovering but Manny brushes it off. Manny then asks if Jin attacked just like he showed him and Jin confirmed with a smile.

Just then, three bullies (including a reluctant looking Pann Han) arrive with a swagger. Manny asks if they were here for revenge on a guy with no legs, but Sangoh merely replies that even though he was just a bully he was still vicious before punching Manny in the gut. Jin calls out in worry but Manny tells him to step back. Sangoh then mocks Jin with the latter coldly glaring back in response. As Sangoh threatens the glaring Jin, Manny tries to get Jin to stay out of it mentioning that in the jungle the weak get devoured by the strong. Manny then requests that they don't touch Jin, but Jin interrupts and squarely says that the bullies were nothing straight to Sangoh's face. As Sangoh readied to punch Jin, Manny grabbed him from behind and punched him in the face instead. With the other two bullies reacting, they all began fighting...

Later on, both beaten and bruised, Jin congratulates Manny on returning to school and asks what he was going to do now. Manny confidently replies that even though he no longer had his legs, he was still Manny Kim and still had lots of stuff. Musing on his words, Jin mentally acknowledges Manny's strength. Manny then asks what Jin was going to do about his father and Jin looks down forlornly. Manny then remembers Dongsoo's words about Jin's mental health, and struggles to believe what Jin was telling him because Dongsoo made more sense. Manny then noted that if Jin's father was a murderer, there should be evidence. With Jin looking at him in alarm, Manny says he should gather evidence of the murders.