Chapter 60
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Chapter 60
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Korean 4th September, 2015
English 1st August, 2016
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Chapter 60: With Manny's question lingering on his mind, Jin goes home and asks if his father was around. The guard at the desk tells him Dongsoo was out and with that, Jin went up to their apartment. Once inside, he attempts to get into his father's 'murder room' via the secret entrance behind the refrigerator to no avail. Next he tries to get in via the other apartment but fails due to not knowing the passcode to get inside.

Later on, Jin sits on the couch and looks up at the family photo he had ripped previously. Noting he'd be living a normal life if it wasn't for his father, Jin wonders why his mother got with his father before having a flashback to when he was much younger: after asking his father where his mum was and if she was alive, Dongsoo told little Jin that if he asked that again he would get "punished", something which visibly unnerved the younger Jin. With the memory hardening Jin's resolve, he went to the bathroom, retrieved the wrapped mallet from behind the portrait and then tried to forcefully smash down the secret entrance with the weapon.

Tired from numerous attempts at smashing the entrance down, an apathetic Jin decides to inform the police but freezes when he has a harrowing vision of a possible consequence of the action, including how Kyun Yoon would react. Cursing, Jin flops on to his back and has flashbacks to when he took down Miss Kim and the resulting rewards from it with the thoughts reinvigorating his determination to take down his demon of a father with his own hands.

Jin replaces the covered mallet back behind the portrait before changing his mind and merely putting the portrait back in its place and taking the mallet with him...