Chapter 61
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Chapter 61
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Korean 11th September, 2015
English 8th August, 2016
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Chapter 61: Thinking back to Jin's words after they got beat up, Manny ponders them whilst sitting in his sister's hospital room.

In a fancy restaurant, Jin asks if Kyun likes her food, but she says she can't help but think of her grandpa. Jin then calls over a waitress and asks if they could takeaway some of the food but Kyun quickly interjects that it was fine as her grandpa couldn't eat hard foods anyway (since he had no teeth).
With their meal finished, Jin and Kyun got ready to leave. As Jin gave his card to pay, he asked if she wanted to see a movie but Kyun said it was fine as Jin had paid for everything today. Suddenly hearing a beeping noise, the cashier regretfully informs Jin that his card had been declined, much to Jin's horror.

In his office, Dongsoo gets off the phone with the credit card company, having just cancelled Jin's credit card, and picks up the newspaper. Reading about Jin's recent heroics on the front page, Dongsoo puts the newspaper down and begins clapping, slowly at first but gradually increasing to a rancorous one-man applause, all whilst smiling contently. As he does so, Dongsoo recalls the guard telling him about Jin entering and leaving the apartment previously. At that, Dongsoo abruptly stops clapping with a dark glare on his face...