Chapter 62
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Chapter 62
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Korean 18th September, 2015
English 15th August, 2016
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Chapter 62: The doctors tell Manny that his sister is recovering steadily but cannot guarantee that she will regain consciousness. They advise him not to stress too much and focus on his health. After the doctors leave, Manny tells his comatose sister that he is glad that she is making progress and jokes that he regrets picking on her. He dejectedly adds that he is afraid of the things he has to tell her once she wakes up.

At the restaurant, the manager informs Jin that his credit card has been suspended. Dongsoo calls his runaway son to inform him that he is cutting him off and mocks him. His expression darkens as he tells Jin that he noticed that he took the mallet and inquires what he intends to do with it. After an awkward moment of silence, Jin replies that he is unsure and hangs up.

On their way home, Jin apologises to Kyun for not having any cash earlier. Kyun assures him that it was okay although she is fretful. They are surprised to find Manny waiting for them outside the house. He jokes about them living as a couple. Kyun is horrified when Jin naïvely states that they sleep together every night. Manny pulls her aside and asks her about her debt. She is surprised to learn that Jin's father paid off the debt but wonders if that is the reason the loan sharks had stopped bothering her. Manny demands to know the loan shark's address...