Chapter 63
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Chapter 63
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Korean 25th September, 2015
English 22nd August, 2016
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Chapter 63: With Kyun's grandpa stirring heavily in his sleep, Jin wonders when Kyun will return. Meanwhile, at the loan shark's office, the boss explains to Kyun and Manny that Dongsoo Seon paid off Kyun's debt around a month ago. He then tells her to life her life properly and there should be no reason for them to meet again, leaving Kyun in disbelief that her debt was all gone. As the boss tells the kids to leave, Mandeuk returns from an assignment. Being asked to help put a fiddly nail into a wall, Mandeuk forcefully pushes the nail into the wall using only his thumb, shocking Manny. With the boss telling the two kids to leave again, Manny tells Kyun to go ahead first.

With Kyun out of the room, the boss asks Manny what he wanted; he merely enquires whether Mandeuk was in the office when Dongsoo came to pay off the debt. Replying that Mandeuk was out at the time, Manny then requests Mandeuk's services as he wanted to use him.