Chapter 64
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Chapter 64
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Korean 2nd October, 2015
English 29th August, 2016
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Chapter 64: Staring at him irritatedly, Kyun demanded to know why Jin helped her, leading much to the latter's confusion. Kyun then reveals that his father had paid off her debt, shocking Jin. Kyun immediately demanded to know if he asked his father to do so out of pity but Jin frantically relays that he didn't know the debt had been paid off; Kyun then questions how Dongsoo knew. She then explains how she never wanted Jin to do something like this as paying off her debt was something she wanted to overcome herself no matter the struggle, finishing that even if Jin was a friend he didn't have to do something like that. Kyun then asks if Jin felt sorry for her but before he can reply, she tells him to leave. Jin replies that he had no money but Kyun tells him he could go home. Jin replies that he couldn't and Kyun yells out that he is childish, but Jin exclaims that Kyun didn't know anything. Kyun then says Jin was hiding things again but Jin says she doesn't need to know. With his secretive nature grinding on her, Kyun tells Jin to go away adding that if he really liked her, he would tell her about himself. Kyun finishes by stating that if he had nothing left to say he should just go home.

After Jin had left, Kyun muses that she wanted to be on his side and remembers his words about protecting her whilst she checked the camera he had put up. Reminiscing on all the times she had shared with him up to this point she turns and dashes off.

A sullen Jin trudges off wondering how he'd protect Kyun that night as Kyun races after him. Turning around to see her running towards him, Kyun calls him an idiot before leaping into his arms. A teary Kyun then sniffles about Jin actually leaving before telling him that she wanted to know everything because she liked him too. She adds if he knew how sad it made her feel when the boy she liked didn't tell her anything. Seeing this reaction, Jin then says he'll tell her: his dad liked her.