Chapter 65
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Chapter 65
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Korean 9th October, 2015
English 5th September, 2016
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Chapter 65: With Jin's news making no sense to her, Kyun laughs sarcastically before telling him now was not the time for jokes, noting that Jin's father was an adult so there'd be no reason for him to like her. An exasperated Jin then grabs Kyun and exclaims that it didn't matter that his father was an adult, making Kyun remember her time in the karaoke bar. Jin then explains what his father had been doing, showing Kyun the texts on his phone. She replies it's hard to believe with the kind of person he appears to be. Jin then explains that all his weird actions leading up to now was all because he wanted to protect her. At first it was his only goal but after a while, he started to like her, which Kyun notes.

In Kyun's shack, Jin muses over his father's actions of paying off Kyun's debts, as well as his confidence in taking his father down, whilst Kyun muses over what Jin had told her and how strange the situation all was. Later, after making sure Jin was asleep, Kyun calls Manny...

In the morning, Jin wakes up to find Kyun not there, much to his concern. Meanwhile, Dongsoo casually chats on the phone until he notices his buzzer going off. Seeing who was there, he ends the calls with a dark expression on his face...