Chapter 66
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Chapter 66
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Korean 16th October, 2015
English 12th September, 2016
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Chapter 66: Determining Jin was asleep, Kyun left to go and meet Jin's father herself.

Politely greeting him at his door and revealing she was a friend of Jin's, Dongsoo lets Kyun inside. Kyun notes how large the place is while Dongsoo courteously offers her some tea which she accepts. As Dongsoo goes off to make it, Kyun notices the torn family photo on the wall.

With her tea made, Dongsoo asks what brings her here and Kyun mentions that they had met before but Dongsoo merely replies that she only looked a little familiar. Kyun then asks how he knew she was a student despite not being in uniform but Dongsoo cleverly answers her. She then asks if he knew Jin had run away and Dongsoo confirms he did. Kyun then reveals that Jin was staying round his and seemingly surprised Dongsoo gets ready to thank her but Kyun interrupts him by saying that he already knew this. Kyun adds that she already knew Dongsoo had repaid her debt to him, to the point where it made her feel uncomfortable, and corners him with all the information she had at her disposal, leaving Dongsoo visibly taken aback and wondering who had told her. Kyun continues on by saying that Jin had told her everything and Dongsoo queries if it was everything which she confirms, leaving Dongsoo with a dark look on his face. Kyun then says that after meeting him it had all become clear to her and, putting the age difference aside, she really liked Jin, something which visibly surprises Dongsoo. With Dongsoo slowly repeating her words, Kyun apologises to him before hurriedly leaving. However, before she could leave, Dongsoo calmly asked if he had just got dumped which Kyun confirms and adds that she'd send Jin back home and repay him at all costs. Dongsoo apologises but Kyun replies that he didn't need to before adding that he was a terrible liar. At that, she left his home.

With Kyun gone, Dongsoo begins laughing hysterically before wondering how long she'd be able to like Jin for...