Manny Kim
Manny Kim3
Korean Name 김재혁
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 17[1]
Relatives Sua Kim (sister)
Occupation Student
First Appearance Chapter 1

Manny Kim (김재혁, Gimjaehyeog; "Kim Jaehyuk") was the 'alpha' of his school, which makes him quite popular with everyone, before his accident that took his legs. He came from a rich family, got good grades and he was quite good at fighting. He is also the sidekick and bestfriend of Jin Seon.

He was later killed by Dongsoo Seon after he attempted to get information from him about his family's accident.



Manny after the accident

Manny was a tall young man with brown hair that had a cowlick, he also had a rather big build from physical training and exercise. After the accident, his hair was swept down, and his legs were amputated. As a result, he was often bound to a wheelchair.


While Manny was initially shown to act like the typical high school elite student, looking down on those weaker than him, he showed a warmer side and a curious interest in Jin Seon, after initially bullying him. This gradually turned into a begrudging friendship that, whilst Manny never admitted it himself, he clearly cherished.



Chapter 1 Edit

Ladies man Manny

Manny teasing the two girls.

Manny had a rather minor appearance in the series at first, he was first seen harassing a few girls. He teased them about their beauty, stating "What are the chances anything would happen to you two? Especially with those faces of yours". This caused one of the girls to smack him on the back, he later passed by Jin Seon, who was later whacked in the head by Beau Park. Manny was later seen harassing Beau with his friend, Pann Han about his wallet. He then told Pann not to say "We" when he was lecturing Beau.


Manny was exceedingly fit, strong and athletic for his age complimenting his height and defined build. He was very good at fighting, being able to beat up those his age and even adults without much trouble.

After his accident, Manny's mobility and overall physical capabilities were drastically reduced; those he would previously had no trouble dealing with, were then able to beat him up instead.[2]


  • (To Jin Seon) "Don't act like you know me in school. If you do, I'll kill you."[3]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Manny was a smoker.
    • Marlboro Red is a cigarette brand that he smoked.[4]
  • Despite not being of legal age yet, Manny was able to drive a car.[1]
  • The fandom perceived him as a Tsundere due to his relationship with Jin Seon.


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